Microvariability  &  Oscillations of  Stars Microvariabilité et  Oscillations STellaire



Canada’s first

space telescope

Peering into the hidden hearts of stars

Finding and exploring exoplanets

Reading stellar life stories


30. MOST celebrates its tenth birthday in orbit

29. MOST reveals a warm, volatile-rich superEarth

28. MOST unveils a superexotic superEarth

27. The sky's not the limit for Canadians

26. August 2007 - May 2008

25. MOST Team wins Alouette Award

24. The Summer of MOST: 2007

23. February - May 2007: 4 months of new discoveries, by MOST and CoRoT

22. January 2007: More exciting MOST results

21. 29 September 2006: 250th anniversary of the University of Vienna

20. July - October: More MOST publications

19. 30 June 2006: MOST telescope's 3rd anniversary!

18. March - June 2006: More data and publications released to the public

17. Search for Earth-sized planets around another star

16. delta Ceti: The first scientific observations made by MOST are released

15. First scientific results from the MOST Startracker field

14. June - November 2005: Novel milestones for MOST

13. New modes of operation. New data shared with the world

12. May 2005: MOST results announced at CASCA 2005 Conference

11. More surprises from the world's smallest space telescope

10. January 2004 - April 2005: First MOST data released

9. Highlights of MOST Science operations in its first year

8. July 2003 - January 2004: Flexing MOST’s muscles

7. Milestones of MOST's commissioning phase

6. January - June 2003: Final steps to space

5. Final testing and launch of Canada's first space telescope.

4. 2001 - 2002: Bringing it all together

3. Assembly of the MOST space telescope and the evolution of its mission

2. 1996 - 2000: A star watcher is born

1. Proposal and development of the MOST mission concepts

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